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Improving security at your business in Queens should be a number one priority. You can accomplish this by installing commercial lock systems with the help of a professional locksmith. Here are three of the best commercial locks Queens business owners are using.

1. Mortise Locks

The mortise style lock is very common in commercial applications because it offers a high level of security and can withstand frequent use. Unlike a traditional cylindrical lock, the cylinder is not installed in the lever. The locking system contains multiple components and typically uses a deadbolt located above the levers. It is more expensive and requires additional work to install, but it has several advantages compared to the traditional cylindrical lock.

The first advantage is that it is possible to add a number of additional features that increase security. Some of these features might include occupancy indicators, anti-vandal features, or corrosion resistant components. You can discuss these features with the locksmith to determine which are right for your business.

The second advantage is the combination of an integrated deadbolt along with the standard latch bolt. The integration of these components increases security and durability tremendously. It’s far more secure than a traditional double bore set-up that many homeowners use.

As with all commercial locks Queens offers, there are a few disadvantages as well. The prep work for a mortise lock is not universal between all manufacturers. That means you may not be able to utilize existing prep work for a new lock. In general, there is more prep work required because of the complexity of the lock and the need for a mortise in the door. Even considering these setbacks, the mortise lock is one of the best options for commercial security.

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2. Keypad Locks

More and more businesses are ditching the keys for keyless entry locks. Among the oldest and most reliable of these locking systems is the keypad locks. Keypad locks are durable, secure, and very flexible. You can implement a number of unique security features, such as access control, personalized entry codes, and memory. These features are ideal for business owners because they help track who accessed rooms as well as limit that access to certain employees.

Not all keypad locks are created equal. Some of them come without keyholes entirely, which prevents picking or bumping the lock. However, you may prefer to have a cylinder lock as a backup option on some doors.

Most modern keypad entry systems allow for scheduled locking and unlocking of doors. You can schedule doors to automatically unlock in the morning when the business opens and have them automatically lock at night when everyone has left. This can apply to all of the locks in the system or only specific locks.

Keypad locks allow owners to change codes periodically, which will tremendously increase security. It takes very little time to update entry codes and inform employees. In comparison, changing the locks on traditional key locks would take a great deal of time and effort.

One final advantage of keypad locks is the increased lifespan. Without the constant use of a key, there is very little wear and tear on the system. Keypad locks will last significantly longer than cylindrical or mortise lock systems if used properly.

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3. Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are one step ahead of keypad locks, but still, utilize many of the same features. As a matter of fact, a biometric security system may also include a keypad lock as a form of backup. This depends entirely on the needs of the business.

It’s very important that you use a high-quality biometric lock and have it installed by a reputable commercial locksmith. The last thing you want at your business if a faulty thumbprint scanner that doesn’t recognize any of your employees.

Overall, biometric locks are an improvement on keypad locks in every way. They have all of the same advantages, but they work much faster and offer improved security levels. It’s impossible for anyone to steal a key or to discover the entry code from another employee. Only employees with authorized thumbprints will be allowed to enter rooms.

The Best Commercial Locks Queens Offers

Each of these commercial locks will greatly improve your company’s security. If you aren’t sure which is best for your business, then discuss the options with your local locksmith. They can help evaluate your security needs and choose the commercial lock that is best for you.

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Commercial Locks Queens


Commercial Locks Queens